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You can order our books from either Apple Books or Kindle. 

They are the result of years of dedication and focus and we feel that shows in the quality of the content.

A detailed and thorough field guide of the more common birds of Costa Rica. The eBook version has distribution maps, species calls, animations, videos and interactive elements.

Gray cowled woodrail 101+ Common birds of costa rica
sunnbittern  101+ Common birds of costa rica
ebook avaialble at apple books and kindle. downloadable onto your apple iOS and OS devices on the book app. And onto you ios , OS and android and kindle fire devices.
Birds of North and central America coloring book

My grownup coloring book of Birds features both familiar and novel birds that will allow you to express your creative and scientific flair. Here are 25 iconic birds of North and Central America in their natural environment. A challenging and entertaining collection for all ages. Wide range of species from tiny gem-like hummingbirds to majestic raptors to colorful songbirds to mischievous jays.

Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus
Great Green Macaw, Ara ambiguus parrot
endemic birds of Costa Rica and Western Panama

motmot, long tailed silky fly catcher Neotropic Birds

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