Our Goal

This is a project that we are utterly passionate about and we will not stop. It is about the love of the birds of the region and a desire to help others understand their importance. We do this by presenting a systematic catalogue in hopefully new and dynamic ways. We really can't help ourselves, we truly are driven to complete this project.  


One key element to this app is the ability to keep the data fresh. Things are changing rapidly in this region, new species are being added every year, not to mention elevation and distribution changes. 

It is vital that we be able to follow up on new information quickly.



Usability in the field is of course important. To this end we strove for simplicity. Being outdoors with extremes in lighting and a host of external stimuli can be a huge hinderance to usability, at least for me. Simple, big fat and obvious buttons with all the essential field info front and centre.

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