The Neotropic Bird Project


To the ongoing Neotropic Bird Project

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Our Goal  

To build a field guide companion app that will be an invaluable resource for finding, confirming and identifying the Neotropic birds of this rich and diverse region of Central America.

We are excited to share our journey with you.

Fiery-throated Hummingbird

Panterpe insignis

Tawny-capped Euphonia

Euphonia anneae

The Idea

Fiery-billed Aracari

Pteroglossus frantzii


To create a field guide that features accurate and representational paintings.  We want it to be more than the standard reference material and we think it shows well. 


The detail, accuracy and resolution of the paintings means many hours of research and painting and many editing cycles. They are truly worth the time involved.


The descriptions along with the ground breaking distribution/elevation maps stand out and when coupled with the illustrations the whole becomes a useful, cohesive field resource.

A Birding App for Field Work

The Maps and Calls

And an easter egg or two

The maps are high fidelity and have been carefully researched after extensive work in the field. They are currently focused on Costa Rica with expansion to come.


The calls are painstakingly gathered while in the field. Along with a species common call we will include unusual calls backed with a positive ID.




Shown below is the Black-faced Solitaire painting, distribution/elevation maps and call.

Black-faced Solitaire Myadestes melanops

The App

The app is currently under development but we’re so excited about it we couldn’t wait to tell the world. 


While our developer elf is developing we are diligently working through the species list and adding material daily.



After the app is available in the app store we will continually update species content and upgrades, not to mention all the other cool bits we have planned.



Follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter or on our blog, We really do love the feedback and would be thrilled to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Twitter @neotropicbirdP

Sample app pages

A Free eBook sample

Tell us what you think

We’ve put together this little ebook sample of five species complete with text, maps and calls.. We wanted to give people a sense of what we are up too. Get It free. on the iBook store.


Since this is an ongoing project we thought it would be cool to show actual work and actual progress. 30 hours on the iPad distilled down to a 2 minute vid using a nifty painting and drawing app called Procreate.

Crimson-fronted Parakeet

Psittacara finschi

Action packed painting sequence

The bit about us

Noel and Carlos patiently waiting for the appearance of the Ocellated Crake

Noel Ureña Chacón

Has been a birder, birding guide and field observer for quite some time and is still all those things.

Carlos Ureña Chacón

Is our go-to video guy, plus he makes great maps.

Bryan Pollock

Bryan loved to draw birds when he was a kid. Now he's at it again and having fun.

Carey Lee

What can we say, she is the glue in all this. We all pretty much orbit around Carey and we are grateful for it.

© Noel Ureña/Bryan Pollock 2018