Jacana spinosa

Pygochelidon cyanoleuca

The Neotropic Bird Project

Crax rura

Tityra semifasciata

Pyrrhura hoffmanni

Basileuterus melanogenys

Eupherusa nigriventris

Vireo carmioli

Thamnophilus lineatus

Tangara guttata

Myrmeciza exsul

Glaucidium brasilianum

Eurypyga helias

Selasphorus flammula

Hylopezus dives

Trogan caligatus

Eurypyga helias

Pharomachrus mocinno

Chestnut-backed Antbird

Poliocrania exsul

Fiery-throated Hummingbird

Panterpe insignis

Tawny-capped Euphonia

Euphonia anneae

The Idea

  • To create a field guide that features representational paintings that include natural history elements wherever possible.  We want it to be more than the standard reference material and we think it shows well. 


  • To ensure these field guides are easy to navigate without overwhelming the page with too much information at once. For field work sometimes simpler is better


  • To include ground breaking descriptions, distribution and elevation maps that have the detail and depth to stand out and when coupled with the illustrations the whole becomes a useful, cohesive field resource.


  • We’re excited to share our journey with you

Fiery-billed Aracari

Pteroglossus frantzii

Volcano Hummingbird

Selasphorus flammula

Thicket Antippita

Hylopezus dives

 Our Goals  

  • To add in some small way to the store of knowledge of the birds of this diverse region.


  • To help others in understanding the importance of understanding and preserving the bird life of Central America.


  • To build field guides that will be an invaluable resource for finding, confirming and identifying the Neotropic birds of Central America.

A Birding eBook & App for Field Work

The Maps & Calls

And an Easter egg or two

  • The maps are detailed and accurate to a high degree of resolution and have been carefully researched after extensive work in the field. They are currently focused on Costa Rica with expansion to come.


  • The calls are painstakingly gathered while in the field. Along with a species more common calls we include unusual calls when encountered and when backed with a positive ID.


  • Shown below is the Sulphur-winged Parakeet painting, with distribution, elevation maps and call.

Pyrrhura hoffmanni

The Ebooks & App

  • The eBook of the 101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica is available on the  Apple Books and Kindle stores.


  • The app is currently under development but we’re so excited about it we couldn’t wait to tell the world. 


  • While our developer elf is developing we are diligently working through the species list and adding material daily.


  • After the app is available in the app store we will be able to continually update species content and upgrades, not to mention all the other cool bits we have planned.


  • Follow our progress on our blog as we work on the endemics, We love the feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you.

Sample eBook pages

Sample app screens

101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica

A Birders Companion

Available on 

the Apple Books & Kindle stores

101+ Common Birds of Costa Rica is our definitive field guide to the more common birds of a not so common region of the world.

It’s a book for birdwatchers of all skill levels and every birder or naturalists who is planning or just happily dreaming of a trip to this amazing country will be delighted with the quality of information in this book.

The layout and pages are organized both in a way that makes it a pleasure to use in the field or for just simply browsing over a cup of coffee.


Please Note 

Links, calls and videos do not function on Kindle purchases that are viewed in the Kindle app on Apple devices. They do work on 3rd gen or newer Kindle Fire and Android devices. 

To have interactive content such as links, audio and video on Apple Devices please purchase through Apple Books.


Fine Print Alert

Please note;  Any previously purchased Kindle versions of this book will not be entitled to any future updates. Kindle considers updates other than grammar and spelling fixes to be a new book which means you have to purchase the book again to get the updates. 

Apple however allows significant updates so previous purchasers of the books would be notified of the free update which they will then be able to download from the Apple Books store.

We have no control over Kindle’s policies and regret this one particularly as the plan all along was to be able to keep the material current with free updates.

A side note

Because of the file size of the book Kindle takes 70% of the retail price. Apple takes 30% for the same file.  From an authors point of view score one for Apple..

All this fine print stuff stands till Apple or Kindle change their minds.

© Bryan Pollock, Noel Ureña Chacón, 2019, 

A free sample

of the upcoming “Endemics of Costa Rica” 

Only available on the Apple Book Store

We’ve put together this little ebook sample of The Endemics of Costa Rica. It includes five species complete with text, maps and calls to give people a sense of what we’re up too. 

Get It free on the  Apple Books store now.


Buy a Print 

And help out the project

Giclee Prints of both the 101 paintings and Endemic paintings in the collection are available for purchase. 

Have a favourite bird species? Looking for a gift? You get beautiful prints of your choice and help out the project to boot.

Proceeds go back into the never ending project costs.

Shown below are just a few samples of some of the beautiful prints you can purchase.

Selasphorus scintilla Male & Female 


Just for fun a 32 second animated short based on the Tropical Kingbird painting featured in the 101+ Commons of Costa Rica eBook, 

Trannus melancholicus, locally aka TK

Wing Animation video

Since this is an ongoing project we thought it would be cool to show actual work and actual progress. 30 hours on the iPad distilled down to a 2 minute vid using a nifty painting and drawing app called Procreate.

Crimson-fronted Parakeet

Psittacara finschi

Action packed painting sequence of  Cyanerpes cyaneus

Pygochelidon cyanoleuca

The bit about us

Noel and Carlos patiently waiting for the appearance of the Ocellated Crake

Bryan Pollock

Bryan loved to draw birds when he was a kid. Now he's at it again and having fun.


Carey Lee

What can we say, she is the glue in all this. We all pretty much orbit around Carey and we’re grateful for it.

Noel Ureña Chacón

Has been a birder, birding guide and field observer for quite some time and is still all those things.

Carlos Ureña Chacón

Is our go-to video guy, plus he makes great maps.

© Noel Ureña Chacón/Bryan Pollock 2019


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